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How to Apply
• Application Requirements 
(International Students)
(1) Applicant should be a foreign national who never possessed ROC nationality. He or she should not have overseas Chinese student
status at the time of application.
(2) Applicant who is a foreign national meeting the following requirements and at the time of application has resided continuously overseas for a period of six years or more. The six-year period is determined by the expected enrollment date (February 1st or August 1st) of the respective semester as the last day. “Overseas” refers to countries or regions excluding mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. “Reside continuously” means that the international student stays no longer than 120 days in Taiwan during each calendar year.
a. Applicant who also has ROC nationality at the time of application has never held a household registration in Taiwan.
b. For Applicant who has had ROC nationality but no longer holds that nationality at the time of application, the duration from the date of annulment of ROC nationality by the Ministry of the Interior to the date of the application shall be no less than 8 years.
c. For individuals in the aforementioned two clauses, they must have not studied in Taiwan under overseas Chinese student status and have not received placement permission via the University Entrance Committee for
Overseas Chinese Students for an academic year.
(3) Those with foreign nationality and also permanent resident status in either Hong Kong or Macau, as well as having no history of household registration record in Taiwan, can apply for admission if at the time of application they have resided in Hong Kong, Macau, or other foreign countries for a period of six years or more.
a. The application requirements for international students are determined by
regulations under the Ministry of Education, R.O.C.’s “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.” In the case where regulations have been amended, the public announcement by the Ministry of Education shall prevail. For the latest updates on related regulations, please visit the website of Ministry of Education, R.O.C (http://www.moe.gov.tw/)
b. After the international student attends school in Taiwan, during the period of study, if the student establishes initial household registration in Taiwan, registers for household move-in, naturalizes or resumes ROC nationality, he or she shall lose his or her international student status and be expelled.
c. International students who have been expelled due to misconduct, unsatisfactory grades, or sentences affirmed for criminal offenses after enrolling in the school shall not be permitted to apply again based on this
d. In case of violation of the Ministry of Education’s regulations, which is confirmed by investigation, the student’s admission will be refused, student status will be revoked, and no diploma will be awarded.
• Language Requirements
(1) Applicants whose home country is a non-Chinese language
country shall submit proof of Chinese language ability or record of
having attended Chinese language courses.
(2) Accepted applicants are required to attend and pass the
School’s summer intensive English classes or English classes of the
equivalent level before graduation. However, this requirement shall
be waived for those with any one of the following qualifications:
a. TOEFL iBT score of 213 or above (or TOEFL ITP score of 550 or above).
b. TOEIC score of 650 or above.
c. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) result
achieving common reference level of B2.
d. Passing GEPT the first stage of high-intermediate level.
e. IELTS score of 5.5 or above.
f. International students from English-speaking countries (UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, etc).
g. International students from non-English speaking countries who can
provide evidence stating that their official education was conducted in





• Application Procedure
(1) Please verify if international student status is in compliance with the Ministry of Education’s “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” and the School’s “Regulations on International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.” Double-check the department or graduate institute which the student wishes to attend and the application deadline of the enrollment.
(2) Double-check whether the department or graduate institute the student wishes to attend accepts applications from international students.
(3) Prepare the necessary documents for the application, and examine whether the department or graduate institute you are applying to requires additional materials.
(4) Please send the required application documents to the
“Registration Section of the Academic Affairs Division in Tainan National University of the Arts: No. 66, Daci Village, Guantian District, Tainan City 72045” with the postmark date before March 1st. Mails from overseas areas are suggested to be sent through courier services such as DHL or FedEX.




• Application Timeline + Procedure
Admission Brochure Released:
Before December 1st each year
Download the brochure for free from the School’s website:
Period for Mailing the Application:
From January 1st through March 1st each year
Applying by mail (No materials with postmark dates later than the deadline will be accepted)
Announcement of the Admission List:
Before May 31st each year
Evaluation Results and Notices of Acceptance Mailed:
Before June 20st each year
The Process after Admission Letter is Received:
Before July 30st each year
Registration and Enrollment:
Mid-September each year
• Application Materials
Prepare the following documents:
(1) Submit personal information form
(2) 1 admission application form
(3) 1 photocopy of passport or other documents serving as proof of
(4) Affidavit for international students applying for admission
(5) 1 photocopy of diploma of the highest academic degree and 1 copy of Chinese version (both copies shall be verified and stamped by an ROC Embassy or Mission Abroad)
(6) 1 photocopy of the entire transcript from the academic institution
where the applicant obtained his or her highest academic degree (An
additional copy translated into Chinese is required if the transcript is in a language other than Chinese or English. All submitted copies must be verified by an ROC Embassy or Mission Abroad and stamped with its official seal.)
(7) 1 study plan in either Chinese or English
(8) 2 letters of recommendation
(9) The registration information process agreement form signed by the applicant.
(10) A financial statement proving sufficient funding of the applicant to pursue his or her studies in Taiwan, or a certificate by the government, school, or private organization providing full scholarship.
(11) Specific documents required by the desired department or graduate institute for evaluation
(12) A photocopy of “Forfeited Nationality Permit Certificate” issued by the Ministry of the Interior or evidence of renunciation of ROC nationality for applicant who previously held dual nationalities