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Applied Music Department
‧ Music Engineering Division
(1) Promote new applied arts integrating visual and music arts, from which one may explore new boarders in production and release of applied music and increase the output of the entire industry.
(2) Develop and extend skills in both jazz music and pop music in performance and composition, nurturing outstanding jazz and pop individuals.
(3) Serve as a center of artistic and academic research for jazz, pop and applied music in Souther n Taiwan, in addition to cooperate with related departments and graduate institutes in the south and set up courses to train professionals in the field of pop music industry.
(4) Promote cross-strait academic cooperation and exchange programs, strengthen Taiwan’s competitive recording engineering and film scoring expertiseand employaproject-based collaboration approach to expand business opportunities in China.
‧ Arts Administration Division
(1) Incubate outstanding, diversified and cross-discipline talents in the field of art management Taiwan, in addition to devote efforts in the development of arts for a new century and cultural creativity industry in Taiwan.
(2) Carry out project-based cooperation and strategic alliance with Taiwan’s art related institutions, schools and companies; dedicate efforts to boosting experiences of student participation and industry collaboration.
(3) Form partnership with  cultural departments of municipal governments in Southern Taiwan, offering assistance in events such as art festivals  and performing art groups  of Southern Taiwan in operation strategies, administration and marketing.
(4) PConnect with  performing arts market both in Taiwan and abroad, establish the role and position of TNNUA (and the Department) in the global arts and creativity market.
Bachelor of Arts (BA) awarded
Admission Requirements:
Those applying to  the  Department must submit an autobiography and other personal information, high school transcript, photocopy of academic certificate, and portfolio (proposals, recording production or original compositions, writing  examples, and others that may apply); those who have not fulfilled the requirements above will not be offered with document review and video conference interview. The applicant must also be able to understand, speak, read, and write Chinese.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: 6 years. Credits: 136
(1) English Requirements: Music Engineering Division –
Achieve Intimidate Level on GEPT or a score of 550 on TOEIC. Arts Administration Division –
Achieve High-intermediate Level on GEPT or a score of 650 on TOEIC
(2) Service Education: 36 service hours, 4 hours for seminars
(3) Growth and Development Lectures: 4 sessions
(4) TNNUA General Education Lectures: 8 sessions




Applied Music Department


Contact Info.
Tel: +886-6-6930100  Ext 2411
                                       or 240.938
Fax: +886-6-6930621
Email: applied@tnnua.edu.tw