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Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory
Major fields within  the doctoral program in Art Creation and Theory include music, visual arts, and sound and image, and researches include art theory and criticism, modern socio-cultural ideological trend, art history and so forth. Students in this program select one major field as the focus study and must conduct research overlapping with another field using art creation as the base. Since the college offers a wide range of curriculum that covers research institutes, the curriculum offered by this doctoral program includes the combination of those. Students will be able to utilize the wide range of sources offered to develop their own research and topic. It takes minimum 45 credits for Ph.D. degree.
Guiding principles:
(1) To establish global vision of cultures.
(2) To cultivate students not only to become general art professional but also art administrators, educators, researchers.
(3) To provide students well-rounded education in the various art and other related fields.
(4) To provide students  the flexibility of selecting  various courses, academic exchanges with other institutes.
Future Prospects:
(1) Establishes international student exchange with  institutes from abroad to provide students the opportunity to study and research overseas.
(2) Cultivating of professional artists, arts administrators, Professional in education and research.
(3) Cultivate art professionals with  further global vision of arts through curriculum designs and international art social exchanges.
(4) Grounded in “Asia and modernity”, paid attention to the context of contemporary art and Asian modernity for over a decade.
(5) Held annual “Asia Art Forum ” making our doctoral program the hub that links “Asian culture and artistic research.”
Doctoral Degree (PhD) awarded
Admission Requirements:
1.Master’s degree or higher is mandatory
2. Document review (100%)
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: 4-7 years. Credits: 45 credits
Others: After admission and before doctorate qualification, the individual is required to submit a certification of Chinese proficiency or proof of completion of a Chinese learning course.




Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory


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