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Graduate Institute of Architecture
The Graduate Institute of Architecture’s  mission is to incubate creative talents in the field of architecture. Here, the definition of “architecture” is the entirety of human being’s living environment. Emphasizing “art,” the Institute seeks to clearly differentiate itself from standard graduate schools of architecture in the country. The Institute does not seek to train professional architects. Throughout the course of training for students of the Master’s  program, the Institute focuses on selected themes of environmental art, seeking to attract individuals and talents who are interested in the topic, and administer in-depth and effective training to strengthen their creative potential related with the respective topic.
Currently, the Institute  defined three educational themes  to conduct its teaching. Details on the direction of development for the respective topics are as follows:
(1) Creative Work Studio: The direction of creation is based upon research of the language of forms in architectural art and discussion on the humanities elements in spatial behaviors. The theme is further developed by exploring the forms of Tainan residential housing and the reasoning behind digital architecture and creative architecture.
(2) Field & Action Studio: Study the structural beauty of architecture and the atmosphere and shaping among space fields with  a spirit of creation based on “Experiment – Experience.” It utilizes the structure in location with environmental context as the core of creation to conduct the investigation and the realization of contemporary theories on spatial fields.
(3) Studio for Research and Praxis in Lebenswelt: Develop the space project curator who is capable of having building skills to complement the Lebenswelt.
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree awarded
Application Information:
1. Portfolio: Accumulated materials and works included should be able to clearly demonstrate the applicant’s skills and capabilities.
2. Resume (including learning experience) and autobiography.
3. Study plan (including motivations for applying, goals of learning and future study plans).
4. 2 letters of recommendation.
5. Original copy of complete transcript for the highest degree of education received.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: 2 to 4 years
Credits: 52 (18 from required courses and 34 from elective courses)




Graduate Institute of Architecture


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