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Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts
The Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts is an education unit focusing on “contemporary art practice.” It adopts the tutorial style teaching method that emphasize one-to-one contact between instructor and student to tap students’ potential. Students are inspired to learn about thoughts of Chinese and Western art, so that they can combine both ancient and modern styles  as well as knowledge of both Chinese and Western art to enable them to develop their unique vocabularies.
Special Features:
(1) Adopting ungrouped and diverse training methods.
(2) Emphasizing on a balanced approach between practical creative and theoretical competencies.
(3) Unlocking students’ creative potential and developing humanistic and critical thinking skills.
(4) Improving interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.
(5) Introducing students to the potential of new mediums and new media.
(1) Cultivate talents in contemporary art practice with  strong humanistic spirit and wide international views.
(2) Build a diverse, compatible, free and open environment for creation.
(3) Develop interdisciplinary learning, explore new media and new materials for the preparation of future art trends.
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree awarded
Admission Requirements:
Applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: The limit on the duration of studies is 2-4 years. Credits: Students must complete 60 credits and pass the orals on creative concepts. After clearing the requirements, a Master of Fine Arts degree is conferred.




Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts


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