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Graduate Institute of Applied Arts
Since the founding of the Graduate Institute of Applied Arts in 1997, it is the first institute in the country to realize the artistic nature of contemporary craft creation and to establish the humanitarian essence as its core value. The Institution is also the first to offer a comprehensive planning on the division of the fields based upon the traits of the materials and the characteristics of works. The specialized divisions include metal, fabric and ceramic products, as well as the provision of studio with comprehensive equipment. Regarding the distribution of courses and faculty, the objectives have been set based upon the differences in the materials. The continuation of traditional humanistic spiritand creation skills are integrated with  modern technology and cultural characteristics to incubate contemporary workers of crafts and designers with original creativity and humanities capacity, who are open minded with global vision.
Since the establishment of the Institute, it seeks to construct a platform  of  exchange for  inter national contemporary craft culture, inviting globally-renowned artists to reside at the school to conduct exchanges on work creations. Through the organization of workshops and seminars, it seeks to diversify the variation of courses and lessons. Through its international exchange student program, the Institute sets up opportunities for international teaching and learning, thereby providing students with  a learning environment to enhance their inter national competitiveness. In addition to establishing exchange student systems with a number of schools and universities abroad, it also collaborates with  famous artist villages abroad to provide graduates of the Master’s program opportunities to become resident artists abroad for the purpose of creation. The degree of the internationalization of the Institute is rare among its peers on the island.
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree awarded
Admission Requirements:
Applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: The limit on the duration of studies is 4 years.
Credits: 50
(1) A total of 9 course credits are required, including 6 credits from the “Master’s
Written Report” and 3 credits under “Theories of Contemporary Crafts.”
(2) Elective course credits must include 15 credits from workshop classes and
15 credits from theory classes. The remaining classes can be chosen freely. Others: Students of the Master’s program are required to organize solo exhibition before graduation, accompanied by a report on the creating process. Upon the approval of both the written report and the crafts work evaluation by the members of the oral exam commission, a degree of Master of Fine Arts degree will be conferred upon the student.




Graduate Institute of Applied Arts


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