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Tainan National University of the Arts Mongolian Music Ensemble Performance
(1) Well-rounded faculty: The members of the faculty all possess doctorates related to musicology. In addition to undertaking research projects, the faculty members are also involved in publishing and presenting academic papers.
(2) Courses meeting international standards: The program focuses primarily on world music, traditional music, pop music, production of ethnography films, and the making of musical instrument. Classes emphasize theory and fieldwork, as well as establishing world Music ensemble based on Asia Pacific areas.
(3) Comprehensive Learning Environment: Including audio-visual systems, projectors and other equipment; establishment of fieldwork stations, allocation of equipment for music editing.
(4) Frequent International/cross-strait  communication: Exchanges comprising teaching, speeches, paper presentation, fieldwork, and students exchanging.
Master of Arts (MA) Degree awarded.
Admission Requirements:
(1) Graduated from Colleges or Independent Institution meeting the standards recognized by the Ministry of Education of the ROC. (2) Applicant for the Master’s program must have graduated from a college or university.
(3) Individual possessing equivalent qualifications as those under the education system of the ROC.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: 2 to 4 years
Credits: 42
(1) To allow students to make up for lacking courses from the undergraduate program, the institute offers a total of 3 advanced placement classes. Students from all divisions who took classes on “Ethnomusicology,” “Introduction to Ethnomusicology,” or “Anthropology of music” (with grades of 70 or higher) can waive one course requirement (Theory Division must first take “Introduction  to Ethnomusicology” and “Anthropology  of music”. Music Industry Division students must take one of the two aforementioned classes.)
(2) “On-campus and Off-campus Seminars” are prerequisites for students of all divisions. After completing 36 hours of seminar coursework, the students must submit a report with over 3000 words in length.
(3) Students of the Graduate Institute must publish or present at least 1 paper at an on-campus or off-campus academic conference or academic journal to be eligible for the oral part of the Master’s thesis.
(4) Students of the Graduate Institute must join at least one orchestra under the Research Center for Asia-Pacific Music for at least one year to be eligible for the oral part of the Master’s thesis.

Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology

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Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology


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