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The 7-year course of  the TNNUA’s  Music Department was established in 1997. It is the nation’s first specialized institution on music education. Sharing the objectives and program design of similar institutions in countries with  advanced education in music training, such as Russia and other western nations, the school is the spotlight  of much attention. Students  of the Department hail from across Taiwan.  The Music Department takes a maximum of 30 students per year. Currently, the Department comprises divisions such as piano, strings, winds and percussion. The entrance audition is divided into two phases: a preliminary round and a second round. The auditions are held in January and March, respectively. As to student recruitment, the Department retains a view and judgment based on diversity and flexibility to avoid becoming rigid and biased.
The Department’s  faculty includes a renowned professor of piano from Moscow,  Russia. Taiwanese  professors  are hired following  a thorough review process, with the majority possessing long experience of either work or study in nations such as the US, Germany, France and Austria. The Department also invites renowned international musicians to visit the school and serve as guest lecturers for a week to several weeks, with  the longest period of one year. We hope to provide students with exposure to a diversity of music cultures.
In addition, the Department seeks to nurture the awareness of students  as musicians, focusing  on their attitude to self-discipline in learning. To accomplish this goal, the Department regularly holds concerts and encourages students to organize concert events, allowing students to take part in the organization process, including planning, promotion, performance practices and transportation of instruments. Besides the traditional one-on-one music lessons, the Department also organizes joint concerts by faculty and students, allowing students to learn through actual work environment. These types of diverse experiences and learning opportunities help students of the Department (whether during school or after graduation) to demonstrate a professional attitude outside of school, winning public acclaim through their personal skills.
TNNUA established the  Graduate Institute  of  Musical Performance and Composition in 2005. Through professional research and skills-learning,  it seeks to nurture musicians of the
21st century with a comprehensive music appetite, familiarity in the relevant fields, and an international perspective.  To ensure the most efficient employment of human and material resources, the Graduate Institute of Musical Performance and Composition was reorganized into the Master Program of the Music Department in academic year of 2010, offering divisions such as Piano, Strings, Winds and Voice. It continues to contribute to the nurturing of talented musicians and composers, as well as enriching the music education of the Department and making it more comprehensive and profound.
Music Department 7-year Program:
Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) awarded. 
Admission Requirements:
(1) The prospective student must be either a graduating student of a junior high school, a graduate from a private or public junior high school, or affiliated with a junior high school or a senior high school.
(2) Those who  have completed the high school program, obtained course completion certificate from a subsidiary junior high school and acquired a certificate of eligibility granted by the education administration authority can apply for admission.
(3) Those holding equivalent academic credentials.
(4) Only prospective students under the age of 18 can apply.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: According to regulations, the time limit for completing the program is 4 to 9 years.
Credits: 291 credits for Piano Division; 288 credits for String, Wind and Percussion Divisions.
Music Department Master Program:
Master of Music degree (MA) awarded.
Admission Requirements:
(1) Graduating students or those who have graduated with bachelor’s degree from National or foreign Universities, certified Private Colleges or Universities, or independent institutes approved by the Ministry of Education can apply.
(2) Those holding equivalent academic credentials.
Graduation Requirements:
Duration of Study: 1 to 4 years for standard students. The exceptions are on-the-job students who were admitted through TNNUA entrance exam, whose duration of study can be extended by 3 years maximum.
Credits: 36 credits for String and Wind Divisions; 38 credits for
Piano and Voice Divisions.


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