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Map of the School Campus





01 Front Door
02 Bronze Mirror Square
03 North Gallery (Book Store)
04 South Gallery
05 Building of Computer Information and Library
06 Visual Arts Building I
07 Ceramic Studio
08 Applied Arts Studio of Ceramic
09 Applied Arts Studio of Metalworking
10 Interbreeding Field
11 Graduate Institute of Architecture
12 Student Residence Hall I

12 Student Residence Hall I
13 Student Residence Hall VI
14 Body Movement Classroom
15 Student Activities Center
16 Student Residence Hall II
17 Social Hall of Student ResidenF Hall II
18 Sound and Image Arts Building
19 Building of Graduate of Conservation of
     Cultural Relics
20 South Lake Cafeteria
21 Professor Social Hall
22 Department of Material Arts and Design
23 Faculty Housing & Guesthouse
24 Basketball Court

25 Tennis Court
26 Convenience Store
27 Side Door
28 3D Studio
29 Building of Department of Chinese Music &
     Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology
30 Sport Field
31 Basketball Court
32 Student Residence Hall V
33 Building of Department of Music & Applied
34 Guesthouse
35 Building of Department of Material Arts and
36 Commission for General Education Physical
     Education Center
37 Scheduled Building of Department of Art